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Everything is Connected - News from November

Some highlights from the past month at Wildflower Nelson are below. For the full fall report, read the November Principal's Update!


  • And exciting and eventful Halloween which involved all classes doing pumpkin activities (weighing, measuring, carving, predicting, writing etc. and parading through the district office.
  • Sarah Finder, Librarian, has arranged for the school to have a salmon egg hatching, growing fish for the school.
  • Staff and students have met the incoming Principal Nick Graves who will be in the school fulltime after the winter break. We look forward to having him join the school and provide the support and leadership the school requires.
  • An ArtStarts program which focuses on filmmaking is currently underway. It is clearly demonstrating that filmmaking is something that can be learned successfully by even younger students.
  • In the Middle school, one class is doing a large environmental project involving outside guest speakers talking about different aspects of the environment.
  • Student writing is being shared and celebrated and posted on bulletin boards around the school. 
  • Wildflower school continues to be a happy and vibrant place of learning. The commitment of the staff is great as is the support of families. Students appear to be happy, learning and proud of being part of the Wildflower community.