Expanding Awareness

May 23, 2023

The beautiful, unseasonably hot weather has brought smiles to the faces of everyone around and has made venturing outside a pleasure! The students at wildflower have been connecting to the world around them by expanding their awareness. 

Students are receiving outdoor lessons that help them to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of the world around them. On our walk to Gyro park, students were tasked with “finding faces in unexpected places” and they did not disappoint. There were some parameters - faces are too easy to spot on vehicles so those were off limits, also faces on anything that one would expect to have a face were also off limits. Students had to really look, and when they did, they found faces all over the place!

We found faces on houses, the sidewalk, the fence, the telephone poles, the trees and many more places. The most fun was seeing students relate to the emotions the faces seem to give off, often copying the facial expressions.