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Tru-Earth Fundraiser - Creston

March 14, 2023

Hello, All Wildflower families!

We are officially announcing our CONTINUAL Tru-Earth Fundraiser for our school. This fundraiser does not have a deadline. It is continual, meaning unless we decide to close our account, you can order at any point through our link. Also, another fantastic feature, you can get it delivered to your door anywhere in North America! So pass this on to any of your friends and relatives! Replace their current detergent with Tru-Earth to support the environment and our school at the same time; no more rinsing out detergent containers and having to take the plastic to the recycling. We receive 20% of the profits from every purchase made through our link.

I have attached both a “pdf” and “png” file. The PDF file can be sent through email or printed off and the PNG file is better suited to be shared online on social media. Please if you have any questions let me know and I will do my best to answer your questions. I have also copy and pasted our landing page link for our school to order through below. There is a QR code printed on the poster as well so it makes it easy to scan both online and on the poster.

Happy Fundraising!

Jessica Birdsall

PAC Fundraiser Committee Member