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Are you interested in having your child attend Wildflower School?

Please read through all the information on this page. You can also learn more about us by reading our School Handbook.

Please add your information to our contact list* if you are interested in having your child attend our school so we can keep you up to date about potential openings in our school as well as any upcoming information sessions. For parents of little ones, there is no need to add yourself to our contact list until the year before they enter Kindergarten (i.e.: if your child will enter kindergarten in 2025, please wait until 2024 to add yourselves to our list).

If your child is of school age and you have been invited to one of our information sessions, please fill out this Statement of Interest form and bring it with you. In Nelson, we have students from Kindergarten to grade 9, and in Creston we have students from Kindergarten to grade 7.

If your child is approaching Kindergarten age, please note that you may register them at your catchment area school (Wildflower Nelson is considered a catchment area school for registration purposes; Wildflower Creston is not). Please note that registering at Wildflower does not guarantee a space at the school). If you are unsure which school that is, you can go to

You can find more information and the School District 8 registration form on the main SD8 Website

The Board of Education of School District 8 (Kootenay Lake) requires the parent or legal guardian(s) to produce the following documentation for their child at the time they register that child in School District No. 8 (Kootenay Lake):

  • Registration and/or Transfer Form
  • Proof of Student Age and Birthplace (one of the following)
    • Birth Certificate
    • Passport
  • Citizenship of Parent or Guardian (one of the following)
    • Birth Certificate
    • Passport
  • Medical (BC Services Card, or private insurance)
  • Proof of Residency for Student and Parent to Catchment (must provide two)
    • Rental agreement or property tax notice
    • And: Current Hydro Bill, License, or Insurance document
  • Proof of Guardianship if applicable (Official Court Order or Ministry document).

Only complete registrations will be processed.

*Wildflower School Contact List:
If you wish to be on our contact list going forward, please confirm your interest by filling out the form annually as we renew our contact list on an annual basis to help keep the list current and relevant as spaces become available in our school.  Anyone who added their name to the list prior to January of the current year will drop off the list in September of the new school year once our enrolment is complete (i.e.: if you placed your name on the list in 2022, your name will drop off the list in September of 2023. If you added yourself to the list in 2023, your name will be dropped off the list in September 2024, etc).