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Elementary Math Websites

TVOKids:  The math and science games on this site are wonderful for working on many different math concepts, including counting coins, addition and telling time.  In addition, there are great videos that demonstrate various math concepts (click on Watch to view videos).

ICTGames:  This great site has tons of math games that are sorted by math concepts and use great techniques like number lines and abacuses.

Erich’s Puzzle Place:  Critical thinking and solving puzzles are such helpful skills in math.  This site has almost every puzzle imaginable, from sudoku, to arithmetic puzzles, to rebus puzzles to mazes.

Math Playground:  This site has great games for tons of different math concepts.  In addition, there are video tutorials that walk kids through many different math concepts.  There are also  interactive word problems.

HSP Math: This site was developed by Harcourt School Publishers.  The lessons and games are amazing reinforcements for kids. Check out the measurement games in particular.

PBS Kids – Cyberchase: Focuses in on many different math and problem solving concepts.  At the PBS website, there are games and video clips that you can use to help your child work on math concepts and problem solving.

Cool Math: This site has tons of math games. The best games are the number games and the logic games.

Virtual Manipulatives: Every math manipulative that you could have can be found in virtual form on this website. In addition, there are new, different ways to manipulate these manipulatives that I have found only here. For example, this site allows you to subtract with base ten blocks, and the blocks that are “taken away” truly go away. In addition to base ten blocks, there are also number lines, clocks, money, tangrams, pattern blocks and more.

Math-a-Rama:  This site is more than just games.  It also includes manipulatives, brain teasers, an e-glossary, and a place to work on a data survey.  This website is sorted by grade level.

Cool Math Games Awesome Math Games! Try it out!

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives A library of uniquely interactive, web-based virtual manipulatives or concept tutorials for mathematics instruction (K-12 emphasis).


Apps for math
Basic computation:

  • eTutor
  • Lola’s math (primary à intermediate)
  • IXL (all ages & levels)
  • Math Drills Lite
  • Math Champ
  • MultiplyMe
  • King of Math (intermediate)
  • (primary)
  • Multiplication Genius
  • Butterfly Math
  • Math Minis
  • 2TimesFun
  • Math2 (multiplication)

Word problems:


Money Concepts:

Money savings


Splash Math
Interactive Telling Time



Challenging Games:


Graduation Numeracy Assessment